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Cervical Dream Pillow™

Cervical Dream Pillow™

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✓ Instant neck and back relief
✓ Unique design for head and spine alignment
✓ Physicians Recommended
✓ 50,000+ satisfied customers

Neck troubles and sleepless nights got you down? Meet the Cervical Dream Pillow!

This sleep savior eliminates discomfort from day one. Remember, we sleep for a third of our lives - let's make it count. Poor sleep can lead to aches, headaches, and next-day sluggishness.

The Cervical Dream Pillow is your solution. It's crafted to align your head, neck, shoulders, and back, rebooting you overnight. Wake up refreshed, productive, and ready to seize the day. Make every snooze worthwhile with the Cervical Dream Pillow!

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How does it work?

When the 65° convex side panels support your neck effectively, you keep perfect alignment while sleeping. The other 75° wedge extensions balance the flow in your airway, which further reduces snoring and sleeping problems in order to provide you with the best and most comfortable sleep possible.

"We were amazed by the results"

"I had terrible neck pain due to sitting long hours in an office chair and had my husband's snoring issues overnight. We couldn't sleep properly. I tried Ortho Cushion's Cervical Dream Pillow and we were amazed by the results within a few days. My neck pain is gone and my husband doesn't snore much anymore. Definitely buying for the family and recommend it to all our friends!"

- Susan B.


Made from Premium–Quality Memory Foam. The Ortho Cervical Dream Pillow comes with its own pillowcase designed with a cotton/polyester lining and a recyclable plastic zipper at the back. These pillows are very soft to the touch, latex–free and have no extra chemicals or odors. All the pillows come with their own pillowcase, which is easily machine washable.

Our Cervical Dream Pillow has a universal size that fits everyone. The size of our pillow is (60cm in length, 35cm in width, and 6-11cm in depth).

  • Soft Yet Supportive

  • Hypoallergenic Formulation

Collapsible content


15.7W x 12L x 4H inches


• Ultra-dense visco elastic memory foam.
• Upgraded birdseye fabric inner cover
• Skin-friendly polyester outer cover.

Care Instructions


Visco elastic foam is not washable.

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Free Shipping to all 50 US States. Shipping usually take 5-8 business days. Shipping times may vary depending on location.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
Tamara Waelchi

That pillow is perfect. Not cheap, but how much alleviated my pain in the cervical region, certainly made it worth the amount invested.

Tabitha Olson

This is my second pillow and I am very satisfied with my husband, the quality is excellent, the neck has stopped hurting, and now I'm thinking of taking it for my son.

Zita Armstrong

I feel so good. My husband's attachment to a bad back and shoulders. All right. It's big, too. I'm going to buy one more.

Herta Cummerata

I love feather pillows, but I kept having neck/back/shoulder pain. Then, I started to snore. Several weeks ago, I got this pillow and it was surprising. No more complaints from my partner that I snore, no longer sore from poor support, AND the pillow is actually comfy (I'm a side and back sleeper). I took the extra bit out of the center since I mostly sleep on my back.

Patricia Bosco

The first night I used this pillow, I slept so well that when I woke up in the morning, the first thing I noticed was that my jaw, neck and shoulders weren't sore, and I actually felt like I had SLEPT! I usually wake up feeling like I barely slept and my brain feels foggy for most of the day, but not with this pillow!

Elna Bauch

I've tried dozens of pillows over the years and frequently do yoga and massage to keep my pain in check. I ordered this pillow to see if it would make a difference. I'm still experimenting with the height of the pillow to see where I get the best relief or comfort. But in general this is quite a wonderfully supportive pillow.

Delfina Lakin

I ordered 1 pillow and love it so much it has definitely helped with my neck pain, I have just ordered two more pillows one for my partner and one for my daughter as I believe they will receive pain relief with this pillow,highly recommend.

Loraine Cassin

Sure enough, the pillow does what is described and relieves neck pain in the morning. As the day goes on and if the pains return it leave me anxious for bedtime to get more relief.

Cassandra Ferry

This one is perfect. It keeps your head at just the right angle. The best part is that it seems to work just as well whether you're on your back or your side. The edges are a bit taller so they are perfect for side sleeping. The middle contoured part hugs your neck and takes the pressure off of it.

Mallory Dickens

I can say with 100% certainty that this purchase (and all the prior research I did that led me to these pillows) was totally worth it. I was skeptical but hopeful that a pillow could make a big difference, and was weary of a brand I didn't know, but the recommendations around the web for this pillow and the return policy led me to make the leap, and I couldn't be happier that I did it. Great pillows!